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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi there! I’m trying to create a gradebook for a faculty member that I support. She gives students the option of dropping their midterm score if they did poorly and having their final exam make up a bigger portion of their final grade. I have a checkbox field to track that, so I want the formula for the final exam to say: if the checkbox is blank, average the midterm, final, and participation, and if it’s checked, average the final and participation. I keep getting an #ERROR value.

Here’s my formula currently:
IF({Reduce midterm?}=0, SUM(({Midterm exam numerical}.3),({Final exam numerical}.5),({Participation numerical}.2)), IF({Reduce midterm?}=1, SUM(({Final exam numerical}.8),({Participation numerical}*.2))))

Thanks for any help!

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Hi Claire, any chance you could share a copy of your base with dummy data? Would make troubleshooting your formula a lot easier

Hi Adam, thanks for replying! I did figure out a solution - I had used a formula to convert “A” to 4.00, “A-” to 3.67, etc, and it seems like Airtable was interpreting those outputs as text strings rather than numbers. So I finally found a help article that instructed me to add another field with the formula {that text string output field} + 0, which converts how Airtable reads it into a number, and then use that field in the average calculation. It makes the table a little bigger, but also makes it work right so it’s okay with me!