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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast


I have created an estimates / intakes base for a client. One of the goals of creating this was to have an automation that sent a confirmation email to the customer once their estimate was scheduled. 

When I tried to insert the Estimate Date/Time field directly into the email automation, it was not working. Someone suggested creating a different field that makes the formula more 'readable'. 

However, for some reason, the date is not converting properly:


As you can see, while the time converts properly, the date is way off. Here is the formula I'm currently using: 


Can anyone identify the problem for me and offer a solution? Thanks in advance!


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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

What exactly is the readable format you wish to output?

This looks very strange. It almost looks like your formula field is pointed at a different date field. The field names in your two screen captures seem to match, but clearly something strange is going on. The dates in your formula field aren't even for the same year as the original field (January 2 is not a Tuesday this year, and February 1 is not a Monday this year). 

What happens if you change the formula to something completely different (to force the formula field to re-calculate for all records) and then change it back?

Have you contacted support?

Yep, you're right - that's why I reached out here! I pulled this formula from the old Airtable community ... perhaps it is something wrong with the formula.

I coped the field, put in a different date/time field and it still doesn't match: 



I like the format it is giving (Day, Date, time), I just need to make sure it is accurate. 

I just noticed that your DATETIME_FORMAT() function has three parameters, when it should only have two. It shouldn't make much of a difference, but what happens if you remove the third parameter?
DATETIME_FORMAT({Estimate Date/Time}, 'dddd MMMM do h:mm' )