Date / Time Import... Some Working, Some Not; Same Format

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have data that I am importing from a CSV. Sometimes it will import into my date field without issues, and other times it will simply be blank. In the screenshots I have attached, the left column is an Airtable date field (screenshot of settings attached) and the right column is the raw date data for comparison. I am trying to determine why some data will format correctly and others don't, but I can't seem to find any correlation. 

Additionally, I have tried using DATETIME_PARSE() but that has not yielded the correct date. Any thoughts? 

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11 - Venus
11 - Venus

It seemed to work fine this way!

DATETIME_PARSE(DateString,"L hh:mm:ssA ZZ")


Thank you for the info! While this didn't quite solve my problem it did point me in the right direction. 

The issue is directly related to the bad data I was trying to add to Airtable. Turns out, there were extra spaces in the cell containing the date, which broke the import. Additionally, the GMT at the end was the correct GMT, but when applied to the date, it changed it to the incorrect time.

Basically my fix is to remove the extra spaces, and remove the GMT from the data before uploading it to Airtable and once that is done, everything works as I would expect.