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DATETIME_FORMAT Formula Returning Incorrect Date (Sometimes)

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I’m trying to create a date column that includes the day of the week. I used the DATETIME_FORMAT formula, but it only correctly translates the date some of the time. In a number of cases it subtracts a week or more from the date column I’m referencing, which I hope to eventually hide. Any idea what’s going wrong? Here’s the formula I used: DATETIME_FORMAT({Go Live Date}, ‘dddd, MMMM do, YYYY’)

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can you give an example of when it does not produce the correct result?

I.e. a screen shot of the input date and the output

Found a workaround, thank you!

In case anyone has the issue in the future, the problem was in the formula. “do” returns day of the week. “Do” returns day of the month.

I used: DATETIME_FORMAT({Go Live Date}, ‘dddd, MMMM do, YYYY’)
Fix: DATETIME_FORMAT({Go Live Date}, ‘dddd, MMMM Do, YYYY’)