Dynamic mentions when setting up airtable slack automation

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi There -

Im having trouble with adding dynamic mentions with my slack message automation in airtable. Currently my airtable is connected to salesforce where it pulls a managers name into the airtable record. I'd like to set up an airtable automations that messages a specific slack channel, that mentions that specific manager. There will be a number of different managers and I dont have an actual list.

From my understanding, I need to set up a formula that looks up the managers slack id, but im not sure how. I dont want to have to manually link the slack ID as there may be new users added from time to time. The airtable documentation around dynamic mentions kind of makes sense but im still missing the piece on how to lookup the slack id. It says to use the following 

CONCATENATE("<@", {Slack member id lookup}, ">")
but im not sure if i need to manually find the id and insert it above? or if this exact formula should automatically pull the slack id for me.


is this even possible? Thanks in advance.

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