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Enter new deadline in recurring task?

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Hi all,

I recently switched my team over to Airtable for project management. There were a few things holding me back, including that we'd have to build the automation for recurring tasks manually. 

Now that I have that built, I'm curious if I can get a formula into the automation which adds the proper deadline to the NEW task.

Issue is - there are different kinds of recurring tasks (Daily, weekly, monthly). Do I need to parse these out to create a separate automation for each of these types, and then enter a formula into the dynamic field type of the automation? (I'm also looking for the actual formula!) The other thing is if it is a daily task, we skip weekends, so we wouldn't want a new task to show a deadline of Saturday or Sunday. I'm not sure if this is possible 🙂 

Here's what the automation currently is: 


I can add the deadline field, make it dynamic, have the previous deadline listed, and I think I'd need a formula that adds +1 day, +7 days, etc, correct? 




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First check out the WORKDAY function. It's like DATEADD, but only uses business days in the function. It also allows you to specify a list of holidays to incorporate as well. It breaks down a bit for the "monthly" requirement because of the 29/30/31 days of the month in our calendar. You can get close by specifying 22 or 23 days to add in the monthly condition. If this formula is not accurate enough, you might need to bring in more IF and WEEKDAY functions.  Here's an example using WORKDAY.


4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I believe that I have what you're trying to accomplish implemented in a base of mine. 

Here's the base:

This uses an automation which does not get copied over if you duplicate the base.  

We can hop on a call and I can help you get this finished up if you would like?  You can book a time on my calendar here

Here's something I threw together.  You can duplicate the base to view the formulas and automation that it uses to run

Screen Recording 2023-01-25 at 4.13.41 PM.gif
I ended up doing `WEEKDAY` for tasks that are "Daily" and `DATEADD` for "Weekly" and "Monthly", so this won't be as accurete as augmented's suggestion