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Extracting a numerical value from a Multiple Select

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Hey Community,

I’ve been trying to extract any kind of value possible from a Multiple Select column (Number). This has proven to be extremely difficult. I tried to use a formula just to get the multiple select in a string format. I was then gonna try to use a location formula or Find formula to put each number in its own column in order to be able to add them all together finally. The biggest difficulty has been that there are 33 digits per cell.

For example:
Number List (Multiple Select format):
001, 002, 024, 048, 049, 051, 063, 072, 073, 096, 097
Number Fx (Formula format):
001, 002, 024, 048, 049, 051, 063, 072, 073, 096, 097
One column per number within each comma in the list.

Is there any way of doing this? Am I doing this completely wrong? I’m open to any advice.

Thanks a lot

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Hi Julian – mind sharing a bit more context on the use-case here? i.e. what kind of information are you tracking in this select field? Why do you want to add these numbers together?

Thanks so much and I hope we can help.

The values of the numbers are an order. As in sports drafting. Lowest number is the most valuable. I want to be able to sum up the numbers to extract a single value for each person.