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Re: Filter one field from another field

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I’m looking for a formula that knows how to filter one field from another field and find what’s left.
Would appreciate help

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In what way does the field need to filter? You may be able to use SUBSTITUTE() or REGEX to remove certain strings.

Thanks, but I have already tried with this formula, without success.
Because I want to filter fields that I have in the table, and not certain words.


I don’t quite understand what you’d like to accomplish. Is it “Field A contains some or all of the text from Field B, return all the text that’s not in Field B?” What types of fields are these?

I have now corrected the formula

SUBSTITUTE ({more details}, {more details}, {details received})

Because I want to download from the “More Details” list the “Details Received”.

But it still does not work.

From the list of additional details:
“Area of ​​residence, type of treatment, gender, field of treatment, language”

I am interested in downloading the “details received” - area of ​​residence, gender, language

To get the missing details.

And the formula does not work for me.

I get in this formula the list of “details received” - area of ​​residence, gender, language
(And not the missing details)

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The example text from your post doesn’t match the options I see in your screenshot so I just sorta guessed what you want.

If you use a formula like the one below, it will remove any option selected in the {Details received} field from the list in the {More details} field.

  {More details}, 
  SUBSTITUTE({Details received}, ", ", "|"), 

^ that’s going to end up with some extra commas but confirm that it does what you’re looking for.

The reason I’m replacing commas with pipes is because in regex a pipe means “or”, so this method lets you replace multiple items with the same thing (in this case, that thing is “empty space”).

Amazing, it works.
Thank you very much