Filter record by reference ID in Airtable API

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have this relational feature of 2 tables:

Table 1 (material) and Table 2 (material attributes)

Now, Material Table has one or many material attributes (Table 2).

I've been stuck with this feature where I can filter all the records belongs to Material ID (1234567)

I checked the datatype of the reference ID and its an array. Now how can I filter all the material attributes that belongs to the specific Material?

I tested all the helper functions of FilterByFormula and the response is not correct. It returns a mixture of IDs that does not belong to the given material ID.

Thanks for the help!!

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Hi randolf, could you provide some screenshots of your `Material` and `Material attributes` tables, as well as data examples of what you'd like to filter by and your expected outcomes?

Would love to help but don't have enough details!