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6 - Interface Innovator


I have a base I use to request rooms. Is there a formula I can write to let me know if there is overlap in a request?

For example:
1/10/2022: I have a request for 4 large conference rooms for Group 1 from 10-12
1/10/2022: I have a request for 3 medium conference rooms for Group 2 from 1-5
1/10/2022: I have a request for 2 large conference rooms for Group 3 from 9-11

I need a column that will show me that there is overlap with the request for Group 1 and 3, but that Group 2 has no overlap. Knowing which sessions have overlap, I can adjust the schedule, or room types, to ensure rooms are assigned correctly.

Any suggestions?


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Formulas aren’t robust enough to allow for this kind of overlap prevention. A script could do the job, but writing one would take some time. Thankfully @Kamille_Parks has already taken care of that. Look into the Scheduler app, which is designed just for this use case.