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Hello everyone,

I have a table that has a few columns. One of the column is ‘amount(price)’ and also ‘status’ which I uses ‘Single option’ field, it consists of 3 options → paid, unpaid, paid half. So, I want to add another column which calculates all rows with status that are selected as ‘unpaid’. And can those rows that have a status of ‘paid’ and ‘unpaid’ change it’s color based on the chosen option? Ex: I want ‘Unpaid’ rows to be in red color, ‘paid’ to be in green color. Appreciate if someone can help. Thank you.

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Hi @Mazwen_Bidin ,

Welcome to Airtable Community!

Im assuming here that you want a running sum? This is not something that you can do in Airtable directly (you can use scripts to do so). BUT, another option that I find handy is making the status field a linked field type with the different statuses being options in this other table. In this new table you can use Rollup function to sum all the values you need.

You can use the Color option for that based on a condition. But this puts a color beside the primary field of the record, it doesn’t color the whole record (which is not something that Airtable does).

Hope this was helpful