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6 - Interface Innovator

My sister can somehow calculate the value for the field End date in her head. Can someone please give me the formula that she is using, as I need to use a formula? :grinning_face_with_big_eyes:

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That’s basically how it’s setup in my “real” base. What I’m showing in here is just a small portion of it as it’s in Swedish :slightly_smiling_face: Creating a new record when a field hits a certain criteria was an interesting idea though! I’m trying to test it right now.

No, you can’t use formulas, but you can enter the same date that occupies the “End Date” field of the record that triggered the automation:

CleanShot 2021-09-07 at 13.12.36

CleanShot 2021-09-07 at 13.13.29

CleanShot 2021-09-07 at 13.13.45

CleanShot 2021-09-07 at 13.13.56

That’s a smart solution! Thanks! You don’t happen to know how to make the formula in my original question? :slightly_smiling_face: Kamille came close but the last date was wrong.

I wouldn’t want to try to figure that out with a formula – which is why I made the suggestion I did. It’s definitely a challenge, and I’m sure @kuovonne could figure it out in little time. But it’s not how I would approach the problem, so I’m not terribly motivated to try and figure it out.

The example given didn’t add up correctly to begin with, unless there was some alternate reasoning why the renewal date for 2022-02-01 is 2023-11-01 (21 months) instead of 2024-02-01 (24 months) when the listed {Length (months)} value is 24, not 21.

The formula isn’t that complex when you break it down, I removed it because it appeared this was already being worked on by a consultant and I didn’t want to undercut their business by answering a redundant question for free.

The example I gave you was wrong, your formula was right!

I think your solutions might be better. I’m trying to set up an automation but I can’t get it to work: Test are OK but nothing happens when I turn on the automation. Can you see why?

If you’ve asked a question in one thread on the forums, please don’t ask it again somewhere else.

Assuming your trigger is “When record matches conditions” or “When record enters a View”, if the record(s) in question already met those conditions/was in that view when the Automation was turned on, the Automation will not run for that record(s). From the Automation’s perspective nothing has changed therefor there was no trigger, therefor the Automation shouldn’t run.

You can cut and paste the date value back into the field to force the Automation to run.

Sorry about that! I’ve responded to your post in the other thread.