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Get record_id() of a linked table record?

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I have two tables:

Table A (i can modify it)

  • Todo text (just a text field)
  • Related Issue Title (linked table field)
  • Related Issue Link (the field I’m questioning)

Table B (can not create new fields)

  • Title
  • Description
  • Status

I know that there is a function RECORD_ID() which returns the current row’s record id. I also know that the link to the record looks like that:


So I need to generate URLs to the Referenced Issue in a separate field in Table A
I also can not enable the scripting app for this field because it’s disabled for security reasons by our admin :slightly_smiling_face:
I expect the answer to be “it can not be done” but asking just in case…

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it sounds like you need to know the record IDs of records in a table, but

  • you cannot create any new fields in that table
  • there is no existing field that exposes the record ID
  • you cannot use scripting

I can think of two other ways of getting the record ids:

  • Use the REST API. You would need to find somewhere else where you can run the code, and using the rest api can be tough to learn unless you already know how to code
  • Use automations. You might be able to get the record IDs from the linked record field in Table B, update a long text field with the list of record IDs, then use a formula field for the rest. Otherwise you can pull record IDs from a Find records action (in batches of up to 100).