Get the email address of a collaborator

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi community!

Looking for a means of extracting the email address of the collaborator.

Column 1: Collaborator: John Smith
Column 2: Formula: Extract email address of John Smith

Is this possible?

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I don’t believe that you can do that with a formula.

But you could do it with an automation. Automations can see the email address embedded within a collaborator field.

Thanks. I’m aware of automations but not what i need in this case. Was hoping there was some way in which to extract the email address. I can get the email address in PowerBI via the Airtable API, it’s a part of the user item (name, id, email address). Would have thought you could get it via a formula in AT as well.

Formula cannot directly extract the email address from a collaborator field. If you know all the names of the collaborators and their email addresses in advance, you can hardcode them into a formula to make the conversion. However, if the user changes names or email addresses, the formula will no longer work. If you add a new user that the formula doesn’t know about, the formula won’t show it.

What do you need the email addresses for?

If this is a one-time extraction, you could use scripting to get the email addresses.

I actually just wanted a one time extraction so that I could create a list (outside of AT) of all our AT users. (name, email address).

Interested to know how to do this with a script, but for the purpose of my need right now, I can actually just adjust my PowerBI data model to extra the email address into my Excel.