Having trouble with writing the right formula for IF Conditional drawing from two columns to have results in a third column

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello! I’m having trouble with a formula. I hope someone can help:)

Certificate program provides two chances for someone to pass the course. If a person “passes” Quiz 1, they automatically pass the course. If they don’t pass, they can try it again with Quiz 2. If they pass Quiz 2, they pass the course.
I need to create a column that states that if there is a “pass” in either Quiz 1 or Quiz 2, they pass the course. I’ve been writing out formulas and I’m getting some things wrong. Can someone help me figure this out?
Options: Pass, Did not pass, Not Started

These are some of the examples I’ve been writing the formula in a third column called “Final Results”. I want this column to read “pass” or “did not pass”. This is the column that will be exported to a certificate platform that specifies only one field for people who pass.

IF((Q1 IS_SAME(pass) OR(Q2 IS_SAME(pass)))



{Quiz 1: Result} IS_SAME(pass),
IF({Quiz 2: Result} IS_SAME(Not started,Did Not Pass),
“Did Not Pass”,

Thanks so much!

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