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Help with formulas

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I am having trouble writing a formula for the following. I would be most grateful for help!
I have a calendar field for Due Date. I’d like to make a field that says “overdue” when the Due Date has passed, “today” when the Due Date is today, “coming up” when the Due Date is 2 days out, and “next week” when the Due Date is 7 days out.
Thank you,

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I did a base that has 3 fields:

1- Meeting Date (Date)
2- Days Remaining (formula)
3- Status (formula)

This is the formula for Days Remaining:
DATETIME_DIFF({Meeting Date}, TODAY(), ‘days’)

This is the formula for Status:
IF({Days Remaining}=0,
“1- Today”,
IF({Days Remaining}=1,
“2- Tomorrow”,
IF({Days Remaining}<0,
“4- Past Meeting”,
“3- Future Meeting”)))

have a look and let me know, hope it was helpful.

Thank you Ali! I’m not sure why but it is saying there’s an error for me.

I have a column with dates called “Due date” so I made a new column and tried this as the formula:
DATETIME_DIFF({Due date},TODAY(), ‘days’)

Am I doing something wrong?

I’ve created a new table as an example here:

thank you so much!! i really appreciate it.