How do I Sync Airtable Contacts with iCloud Contacts?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi there,

Is there any way I am able to sync my Airtable contacts with my iCloud contacts so all of the contacts on my Airtable will also be on my iPhone? And vice versa. Without having to do it manually of course.

Let me know, thank you.

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Welcome to the community, @Chloe_Dalton! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: This would require you to enlist the help of a service like Zapier or Integromat. I built a system for someone a couple months ago that synced between Airtable and Google Contacts using Integromat, and have been considering building something similar for Apple, but just haven’t had the time (preparing for a cross-country move that happens in just over a week). A quick look at the Apple iOS module in Integromat, though, tells me that the process may be slightly more complex, but still doable. I’ll probably work out the details once the dust has settled from our move, and make plans to demo both systems on my new Airtable-focused YouTube channel eventually. If you have an urgent need for this system, I suggest posting in the Work Offered category to see if someone can do the job.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thanks for that Justin! I ended up exporting the contacts into an excel spreadsheet, saving it as a csv., and then importing that into the contacts app. It was a quick solution but will have to do all of the contacts manually moving forward. It would be amazing if you created a way to sync them in the future, I’ll be holding out for that!

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I’d like to do that also! I’m a newbie to aurtable and would like to add from contacts to various records and entries. Would be nice to connect the apps or better yet, drag and drop from contacts.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Step 1: Export Contacts from Airtable
Open Airtable Contacts
Select all the contacts you want to export and click on More icon […]. Select Download CSV

Step 2: Convert CSV to vCard v3.0 or v 4.0
On Windows use: Excel to VCF Converter
On Mac machine, use: CSV to vCard Converter

Step 3: Import vCard to iCloud
Log in to iCloud and open Contacts
Click Settings >> Import vCard
Select and add the vCard file
All Airtable Contacts will get synced with iCloud Contacts