How to add x of x to my records based on the number of records?

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6 - Interface Innovator

I have a base to manage tasks. For sake of this example, let’s say I have 3 types of tasks (Update Photos, Clean Email List, Review Ads). There’s a table for Tasks and another table for the Schedule.

Here’s the formula I’m using on the Schedule table. I can easily get the total count for each kind of task using a lookup field but I cannot figure out out to number each task in the Schedule table.

{Task Name} & " " & “#” & “of” & {Count)}

Assume for the year we have 4 tasks. This is how I’d like them to look.

Update Photos 1 of 4
Update Photos 2 of 4
Update Photos 3 of 4
Update Photos 4 of 4

Clean Email List 1 of 4
Clean Email List 2 of 4
Clean Email List 3 of 4
Clean Email List 4 of 4

Review Ads 1 of 4
Review Ads 2 of 4
Review Ads 3 of 4
Review Ads 4 of 4

If anything is unclear please let me know.

Thanks for anyone who reads this offers any thoughts or help.

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Depending on how you have your records linked, Airtable can calculate a count of each task type using a count or rollup field. You can then pass this count back to the individual tasks using a lookup field.

But that is as far as you can go without telling each record its sequence number, either manually or through a script. Because Airtable works as a database, individual records do not know if they are the first, second, third, etc. of a set. You can have a sequence number that you manually type, or you can have a script that sets the sequence number.

Thanks. I may drop trying to have this option.