Re: How to calculate days between received date and completed date

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4 - Data Explorer


Example for a service department we received in a part 08/31/20 and complete the repair 09/03/20. I have my dates set up for admins to enter but I need to show total days to completion. I;ve tried =DAYS and DIFFERENT_DAYS but can’t get them to work. SHould I just export to excel and do it there?

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Welcome to the community, @Jimmy_Mitchell!

One of the most annoying & frustrating things about Airtable formulas — which, for some reason, the Airtable engineers have yet to fix — is that Airtable formulas choke on curly quotes. You need to replace any curly quotes with straight quotes only.

Although, in your case, it doesn’t even look like you’re using curly quotes. It looks like you might have used a backtick, which is the wrong symbol.

Put the word “days” in single, straight quotes like this: