How to consolidate 2 tables in to 1 table

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi Team,

We are trying to link a few records between 2 different project bases and we hope that you can show us the right direction.

Problem Statement: We have 2 Project Bases, External and Internal, and we would like to add the records in External Base to another table in Internal Base.

Progress so far: We can sync all records from Table 2 in one base to another base with no problem.

Help Needed: Can we do a formula or rule set to add records from synced table to the another table in the same base ( Vlookup)?

We would really appreciate your thoughts and guidance on this one.

Thanks in advance.

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No. Formulas cannot “find” data that is not associated with the record on which the formula is applied.

If you need records from a synced table to be represented in a “regular” table you will need to create an Automation that is triggered when a new record is created in Table 2 to create a new record in Table 3, and like that new record with the one from Table 2.