How to count total task per project

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi there,
Newbie here, so apologies if this has been asked.

Scenario: I have 2 tabs (1. PROJECTS 2. TASKLIST), and I’ve linked each individual task items to a project on the TASKLIST tab manually. Lets assume the link between task-projects from TASKLIST tab is the main source of truth.

Question - is there a better way to summarize the total count of tasks per project on the PROJECTS tab?

Currently, I have to create two fields in PROJECTS tab. (1) task - to link all tasks connected to the project (2) total task count - use the count formula to add the count in task field. With this approach, I have to manually add each tasks to the task field on the PROJECTS tab, which seems repetitive since data is already on the TASKLIST tab, and also I might accidentally make a mistake if this is manual. Is there a way to lookup TASKLIST tab, and see the relation between task vs project on that tab, and do the count automatically in PROJECT tab?

Thank you,

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If you are linking “Tasks” from your TASKLIST table to “Projects” from your PROJECTS table, the link should go both ways (ie, it should already show in your PROJECTS table – you shouldn’t have to re-create that linked relationship).

Are you certain you are using Linked Record fields to link Tasks to Projects?

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Ha, sorry. I know why (user error). Thanks @Jeremy_Oglesby you are correct :slightly_smiling_face: