How to create a loop that updates every record in a view?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi there,

First question on the community 🙂 

We are moving our social media calendar to Airtable, and it will be very useful if I create a formula or automation for a certain need.

As in the attachment, we use a loop of BG colors for each post on Instagram, and it's repeating every 4 posts as: Blue, Cyan, Other, Cyan. What I need here is when a new record is added to the view (Instagram), if the previous field in the column is Blue, it should print Cyan, and if it's Cyan, it should print Other. I can use Cyan2 for the second Cyan to avoid confusion. 

Is there any way to do it in a simple way with formulas or automation?

Thanks in advance!

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Hmm, if I were you I would create an autonumber field and use `MOD()` and `SWITCH()` to output the correct color as needed