How to create a unique ID for videos per channel

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So I am completely new to Airtable and used to Google Spreadsheet functions and scripts which seems a lot easier suddenly. But I am looking to create a unique ID that sums up per channel.

So we have a base with 2 tables:

  • Videos
  • Channels

Imagine we would have multiple videos per channel, and this video should have an unique ID but per channel. I am looking for a formula to do this, but made a manual table to show how the result should be:


Any idea how I would do this? It is probably fairly simple but somehow I need a push into the proper direction it seems. Thank you

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Hi @Bjorn,

Welcome to Airtable Community ! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes:

Well, you can do a new Autonumber field and add the word video in front of it in the 1st field using & formula.


Hi @Mohamed_Swellam,

Thanks for the reply. I think I understand what you mean, but this would make an videID like “video-1”.
We do need only the number however since this will be used in other scripts

Hi Mohamed, I think refering to the ID field would do the job?
In the first field (Video) just create a formula: IF(VideoID=BLANK(),BLANK(),VideoID)
and you should be good.