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4 - Data Explorer

How do I find the record with the maximum entry in a certain field. Note, I do not want the maximum NUMBER in this field, rather the record it corresponds to.

For more info: I have a list of names, with how many tests they conducted. I want to find who has done the most tests.

However, doing this once isn’t enough. I want to be able to replicate this given certain conditions. For example, of all the people with a specific bank (I have a field for this too), who has completed the most tests?

I’m more than happy to provide more info if needed,

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If you have the right combination of tables and linked records between them, some rollups and formulas will do the trick, and the basic concept could be tweaked for lots of different scenarios. Could you describe your base setup in more detail? Screenshots would be helpful if you’re able to share them (feel free to mask/block data if needed).