How to replicate a PARTITION BY count?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi everyone,

I have a table where user X can endorse user Y on a particular skill Z.
The final table will be something like this:

John | Carol | Painting
Carol | John | Drawing
Fred | John | Drawing
Bill | John | Writing

Then I will have a separate table with user profiles, and I would like John’s profile to display “Drawing (+2), Writing (+1)”.

The way I would achieve this using a pure SQL mentality would be to group by name, skill, do a count, and then JOIN it with my user profiles table.
The way I’m trying to achieve it with Airtable is to create a new column on every row with the value {Name} & “(+” & something & “)”. This would essentially be doing a row-level PARTITION and GROUP BY COUNT, and would allow me then to link to these records from the Profiles table and select the unique. In this case, we would have repeated Drawing (+2), Drawing (+2) and Writing (+1) for John, and the desired result would be Drawing (+2), Drawing (+2) and Writing (+1).

Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out what to write to do this count, so if someone could give me a hand, I would really appreciate it!


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