Re: HTML from Sendgrid pulling through for some fields but not others

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6 - Interface Innovator


I have designed an email in Sendgrid that I want to send to a filtered list of jobseekers in a table.

This HTML references fields from a linked field and its associated lookup fields. E.g. I need it to display information from another table called ‘Open projects’.

When I paste the HTML into the Sendgrid editor (Send as HTML is turned on) the first field from the linked field displays, but the other fields don’t, even though I have checked that the field is in the table and being referenced correctly.


This is displayed in the screenshot above, whereby the ‘Name of opportunity’ is pulling through, but the other fields are not.

Here is a link to the HTML file: Sendgrid Email Template HTML.txt - Google Drive

Please if anybody can help me it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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You have to put {curly brackets} around your field names.

It looks like @Mohamed_Swellam has already helped you with this same issue in this thread: