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IF and Combine or CONCATENATE Help

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Hello, I need help with a formula. I’m trying to combine some address fields to create a full address but it adds an extra space when an Address doesn’t have a {Address 2} such as apartment number. So i wanted to create an IF statement to check to see if that field is blank. Here is what I have and it not working it add all the address components together expect of the {Address 2}. Any suggestions would really help

`IF({Address 2} = BLANK(), {Address 1} & " " & {Address 2} &" " & {City} & " " & {State} & " " & {Zipcode}, {Address 1} & " " & {City} & " " & {State} & " " & {Zipcode})`
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Welcome to the community, @Bushard_s_Delivery! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: This should work:

{Address 1} & " " & IF({Address 2}, {Address 2} & " ") & City & " " & State & " " & Zipcode

Because only {Address 2} is optional, the IF() function only needs to wrap around that part. Also notice the shortcut syntax I used. By only including the field name, Airtable will evaluate the presence of any data that field as “true,” which will add that data and a separating space. If nothing is in {Address 2}, nothing will be added. Finally, note that curly braces aren’t required around field names containing only a single word and no special characters. I’ll often include them in commentary here for clarity, so you know when I mention {City} that it’s a field, but in the formula the braces can be omitted.