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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

Can someone assist and ‘teach’ me where I’m going wrong, please?
Trying to pull data from Field B if Field A is blank. Here is the formula I’m currently using, which doesn’t return a value.

IF({Field A} < 5000, {Field A},IF({Field A}=BLANK(),{Field B}))

This formula works to pull data from Field A but Field C is blank, not fulling data from Field B. I don’t get a formula error, the field is only empty.


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The = BLANK() operator doesn’t seem to be terribly reliable. You could reverse the logic and make a positive check for a value in {Field A} first, and then split the paths on the basis of the existence of a value in {Field A} instead:

   {Field A},
      {Field A} < 5000,
      {Field A}
   {Field B}

Just a heads up, though, this returns nothing if there is a value > 5000 in {Field A}.

Perfect! Thank you for the help and for explaining the process.