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If Blank... Formula

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I have this formula. If there is no date, the formula errors out. I need it to be the exact same formula but if the date field is blank, it still fills in all the other columns.

Here’s the formula: DATETIME_FORMAT({Date}, ‘YYYY-MM-DD’)&" “&Type&” || "&{Fellow}&{External Guest}

How would I change it to include blank-dates?

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This formula should work:

IF({Date}, DATETIME_FORMAT({Date}, ‘YYYY-MM-DD’) & " “)
& Type & ” || " & {Fellow} & {External Guest}

Here’s the same formula with the styled quotes fixed:

IF({Date}, DATETIME_FORMAT({Date}, 'YYYY-MM-DD') & " ")
& Type & " || " & {Fellow} & {External Guest}

Oops! Great catch, @Justin_Barrett! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: