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IF ColA contains TEX, If ColA does not contain TEX

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ColA has 3 different transaction numbers.

The first always starts with TEX followed by numbers.
The second is always just numbers.
The third is always blank.

I need a formula that will look at ColA

If ColA has TEX, in ColB put Text Me
If ColA does not have TEX, in ColB put Call Me
If ColA is blank, in ColB put Do Not Contact

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Something like this?

You can use nested IFs as such

IF(LEFT(field,3) = "tex" , "Text Me" , IF(field , "Call Me" , "Do Not Contact"))

This did not work. All are returning “Call Me”.
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IF(LEFT(extra,3) = “tex” , “Text Me” , IF(extra , “Call Me” , “Do Not Contact”))

It is case sensitive, so if your data is always going to be “TEX” (uppercase), then you can just do:

IF(LEFT(extra,3) = 'TEX' , 'Text Me' , IF(extra , 'Call Me' , 'Do Not Contact'))

If the case won’t be consistent then you could use ‘lower’ in your comparison

IF(extra, IF(LOWER(LEFT(extra,3)) = "tex" , "Text Me" ,"Call Me") , "Do Not Contact")

I needed to switch the order around because lower would error when called on the blank result of a left function