IF formula that pulls only part of the text from a field

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello! I need to create a formula that pulls records from fields that correspond to answers of multiple-choice questions, like "What language do you speak"? Our multiple-choice questions also have an "Other" field. "Other" fields hold records which are either "no" (i.e. the person didn't select the "Other" response) or they are "yes, + [response e.g. Portuguese]". I want the formula to be able to pull the text from the "Other" fields IF it's a "yes, [response]" record, but to NOT include the "yes, " part, ONLY the response part (e.g. "Portuguese"). Can anyone tell me how to build that into the formula? Essentially, I need this part of the formula to say "IF the "Other" field contains a "yes, [response]" answer, then extract only the [response] text.


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Would using `SUBSTITUTE` work? 

  'yes, ',

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