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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Now I have got 2 tabs, the first one has a list of events, including the company name, event date and event notes (Each company could correspond to several events). In the second tab, I created a field called the most recent event, which filters all events for each company in tab 1 , and only show the most recent event of each company in tab 2(the name of this tab is Deal). Now I want to link the most recent event field back to tab 1, and only show the event note of the most recent event. My current formula is:
IF({Date}={Most Recent Event (from Deal)}, Event Note)
this formula seems right but doesn’t work, and the notification says that “most recent event (from deal)” cannot be found. How can I fix my formula to make it work?

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the second tab should be a list of companies, linked to all records in table1.
I would created it as - make linked field in table1 (to some empty table2), then copypaste whole Company name column into it. In table 2, you receivel unique list of companies, with linked field containing all links to records in table1.
to get “Most recent” field, you should create Rollup in field 2 with formula.

then, if it works in table 2, you may just add it as lookup field to the table 1