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IF Single Select then Change or Switch Single Select

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Hi There,
I have two single select columns and I would like some of them to follow one another. Say for instance if I select “ON HIRE” in one single select column I would like the other single select column to automatically select “ON HIRE” as well? can this be done, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @Christopher_Murdoch
This can be done with Automations, no need to write a formula.

Since you mention that only some of them should follow one another, Automations might be your best option as you can make it conditional.

Hi @Vivid-Squid,

That makes sense, although I am having difficulty working it out. I am assuming I need the use the trigger ‘When a record is updated’ however when working the configuration it gets confusing. Can you give an example or how I could get a single select column to follow another single select column using the automation function?

I am happy to help. One thing I forgot to ask is if the two drop downs are in the same table. You didn’t say they are in separate tables so I am assuming they are in the same table. Its OK if they are not but that changes things a bit.

Also the situations where you don’t want the two fields to match are unknown so I don’t know how you want that set up.

Here are all the screenshots and settings I made to match two dropdowns in the same table: