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IF statement for field condition with URL Encoding options

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Hi Community,

Appreciate if someone can help comment about this statement as its not working. Thanks.

{Event Type} = ‘Partner Tech Talk’,

NOTE: I concealed actual URLs - assuming URL/YYYYYY works. In other words CONCATENATE statement works by itself. However, when trying to create IF statement picking the right URL based on Event Type field this doesn’t work.

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I tried replicating this but it gave me a link everytime!

Formula (it’s just using dumb test date but it outputted a link everytime):

IF(test3="late",CONCATENATE("","?prefill_id=",ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT({Field 12})),CONCATENATE("","prefill_id=",ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT({Field 11})))

See Image 2020-04-24 at 9.54.26 AM

Could you share with dummy data?

Thanks Aron,

So my syntax is correct then? Event Type field is a multiple choice. Did I use correct quotes ’ ’ vs. " "?

The only difference in your code segment is string logic vs. field object I think.

Aron thanks for the rapid response! I figured out… I was missing couple of closed brackets :slightly_smiling_face: It works now