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4 - Data Explorer

I have a Time Entries table that is linked to a Tasks table via a linked record field. I want to use a formula field to calculate Total Payment dependent on the Task selected, but I can’t seem to format the formula currently.

My currently formula:
IF({Task}=‘MCCE – Facilitating Workshop, Grading & Prep’,{Standard Facilitation Rate (from Project)}*Quantity,{Planning Rate (from Staff)}*Quantity)

I’m unable to figure out a way for it to trigger the TRUE equation when the MCCE – Facilitating Workshop, Grading & Prep task record is selected.

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Hi @Meaghan_Lynch and welcome to the community!

Just taking a shot here:

  • is MCCE – Facilitating Workshop, Grading & Prep 100% correctly spelled (as in: spelled exactly like it is spelled in the orginal record)?
  • did you type in the " " or ’ ’ manually? If you copy/paste them, they can give troubles
  • I’m assuming that {Standard Facilitation Rate (from Project)} and {Planning Rate (from Staff)} are number fields so there’s no issue there