If today falls between start and end date, check box help? - SOLVED

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I am trying to keep track of different screens that are active during a set amount of time. There is a “Start Date” column and an “End Date” column. I need a column that will automatically put a yes or a check when today’s date falls between the Start and End. I’ve tried this but it’s not working:

IF(AND({Start Date} <= TODAY() , {End Date} >= TODAY()) , “ :white_check_mark: ” )

It’s saying that “Your result type is not a number or a date. Formatting options are currently only available if your result type is a number or a date.”

Any ideas on how to get around that?


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Your formula structure is fine. Make sure to use straight quotes (" or ') instead of curly quotes (“ or ’) when writing formulas.

I replaced the curly quotes with regular ones and it’s till not working. Something about “result type not a number or a date”

Hi @Savannah_Willard,

Its a formatting issue as you said. Check the formatting tab of the Date fields and make sure its set as Date not as Text. If that doesnt help please show me a screenshot.

What’s your desired end result? In your initial post you said you wanted a check mark, and the check emoji does that, so I think we’re confused about what you hope to accomplish by changing the formatting. What format would you like it to be? Only numbers and dates have formatting options. The check emoji is considered to be text, and text output from a formula can’t be formatted.

@Justin_Barrett I’m not sure what you mean? Sorry, I’m new to formulas. I’m not trying to change any format, that I am aware of. Why can’t the output be text? All I want it to do is put a little check mark if today’s date falls between the Start and End. The formula does work if I put a number instead of the check mark, but I would like the check mark for organizational purposes. Does that make sense?

In this case, the checkmark has to be between quotation marks.

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Well not sure what I did differently but I tried the original formula (with regular quotation marks) I posted and it worked :woman_shrugging: Thanks for everyone that gave feedback!