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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi, we track which topics will be posted to social media mainly in calendar view in Airtable. Ex. Have "receipe" show up every Wednesday on the calendar instead of having to input the date manually. Any suggestion on how to accomplish that? 

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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

There are an infinite number of approaches to this, but here’s an option that came to mind 🙂

You could add a table where each record represents one day of the week (so 7 records total), and link each record to a topic for that day. 

You could then use automations to link each post to a topic based on this template and the post date. Again, there’s an infinite number of ways to do this. You could either set something up to create the post records each week (or whatever cadence you’d want), or you could manually add the post records and have an automation find and link the corresponding topic based on the day of the week of the post date.

One word of caution with this approach - I would not link your posts directly to the table of week days to lookup the corresponding topic. Instead, I would use the week days table as a reference and link the posts to the topics directly. This is to avoid messing up your historical data if you ever decided to change your topic schedule.