Linked record or Lookup, or both?!

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello, I'm frustrated! For nearly two hours I've been looking at Airtable documents trying to achieve what I could do in five minutes with a spreadsheet using the filter or query functions. There are a few recent posts on the same subject but each case is slightly different and I'm too frustrated to focus for long. Soon I need to go off to my paid work having spent the entire afternoon on this.

I've got one table with a list of unique place names in the primary field along with related data, I want a second table in the same "base" (I think that's the word) to display all places with specific matching data. For example, list all places in a specific region where the region is specified in another column of the first table.

Maybe linked records or lookup or both are what I need, or neither. Nothing is clear. I follow the advice in videos and articles then in practice half the time the option to lookup for link a record isn't even shown.

If it's possible with Airtable, and if I can get the solution, then I should be able to use it in a few things with minimal changes. Hopefully this request for help is clear enough to help me but vague enough to be relevant to others as well.

Now whilst trying to post this exasperated request for help I keep getting "Post flooding detected (community received posts of a unique message more than 1 times within 3,600 seconds)". Any normal person would say one hour, not 3,600 seconds! AirTable is so frustrating!

Thank you for your help.


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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi Ian - based on your description, if the second set of data you wish to view is also place names & associated data, then I would not create another table. I would instead just stay with the same table you have, and create views to match your filter criteria. A view is a filtered subset of data of a particular table. A table can have many many views. You can create another view by selecting the drop down arrow next to your default view (typically named "Grid view" by default), and choosing "Duplicate view". Then you can filter, sort, hide fields, and so on in that new view. In your new view it sounds like you'd want to use a filter specifying region=anothercolumn.