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Hi There

I was hoping I could get help on linking 2-tables that are within the same base.

I have a table called “List” and this table has fields which consist of PO #, Accounts & Shop Order #.

On another table “Invoicing” which is populated with a variety of fields including PO #, Accounts & Shop Order #.

Is there a way to link the PO #, Accounts & Shop Order # fields from the “List” table to the PO #, Accounts & Shop Order # fields on the “Invoicing” table?

Basically if I populate the PO #, Accounts & Shop Order # fields in the “List” table then the PO #, Accounts & Shop Order # fields from in the “Invoicing” table will automatically populate with the same information.

Is this possible? If so can someone give me directions on how to do this?

Thanks so much.

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Yes it is possible, the exact method will depend on the structure of your base. Right now you only have two tables, which means you need only one Link field to sync your 3 variables/fields between them.

You can make {PO #} the primary field in [List], and add a Link to Another Record field in [Invoicing] which points to the {PO #}. Then you’d add two Lookup Fields in [Invoicing] which point to [List]'s {Accounts} and {Shop Order #} fields.

Thank you so much for your help, it worked.

Much appreciated.