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I am building a simple recruiting database in AirTable.
Here are the tables that I have
Candidates - (names, all information, name of recruiter linked to Recruiter table)
Recruiters - Name, Email
Position - Position, company, salary, etc.
Submission - This is where a candidate is linked to a position.
Link to Candidate Name, Link to Position. I also have the Recruiter Name here though Lookup.

How can I display recruiter’s email so it can be included in email automation?

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Hey @Zhenya_Rozinskiy,

welcome to Airtable community!
You have to add a link to field that will link the Candidates table with the Recruiters table. Then you will add a lookup formula that will display the recruiter’s email on Candidates table.

If you need more help please feel free to text back to community.


Thank you. The candidates table is already linked to Recruiters. Looks like I have to display the email in that table as well. right now only the name is displayed. I am just trying to not clutter the view as much as I can.

Hey there, so as the two tables are linked with each other then you have add the lookup field that will show the emails from "Recruiters " table

Thank you. Yes, if I add the lookup table to submissions it works. I was just trying to keep that table less cluttered