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5 - Automation Enthusiast


I have 2 tables in one base. One is called “leads” and one is called “Inputs.” (I’d like to add screenshots of them, but it says images are not allowed in posts)

“Inputs” has 2 columns:

Column A: “UTM” - 43 rows of different UTM strings
Column B: “Source” - 43 referral source names, each corresponding to a UTM string

“Leads” has 3 columns:
Column A: “Name” - contact name
Column B: “URL” - the website URL where the user contacted us
Column C: “Source” (The formula will be used for this column)

Zapier will enter a customers Name, and URL where they contacted us, in “Leads.”

I am using “Inputs” as my lookup table to interpret website URLs in “Leads.”

I need a formula that will do this:

  1. If “Leads” URL contains any of the UTMs listed in “Inputs”, then fill in the “Leads” source with the corresponding source listed in “Inputs” next to that UTM.

  2. If “Leads” URL does not contain any of the UTMs listed in “Inputs”, fill in the “Leads” source as “Direct/Organic” by default.

Thanks for any help you can give!


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