Name a field in relation to another field in the same table with a formula

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4 - Data Explorer

Dear All,
I am quite new user of Airtable and I am trying to create a database for my geology laboratory. In short, we make microscope slides named Thin Sections (hereafter I will call them “TS”) from geology samples (hereafter “samples”). From one sample, one can obtain more than 1 TS at the end of the manufacturing process. However, the user knows since the beginning if he/she wants one, two, or three (and so on) TS from his/her own samples.
I have thus created a table with the following fields (see attached image):

  • “Sample name”,
  • “Site name” (the name of the site where the sample has been collected),
  • “total TS” (that refers to the number of TS on aims to obtain),
  • “TS names” (since each TS has its specific name at the end of the making process).

In the case more than one TS will be produced, I would fill automatically the “TS name” field as it follows:
e.g. → (Sample name)_1, (Sample name)2, (Sample name) 3…and so on, in relation to the number of TS he/she wants that he/she wrote in the field “Total TS”.
In short, for example, if the"total TS" field has the value “3”, I would have 3 different names divided by a comma.

My problem is that I am not able to generate multiple names, but just one (using an IF statement) and I am not able to use the “Total TS” field as a limit for the names that want to be generated.

I hope I have explained clearly my situation.
Thanks in advance to all the users will help me. I wish you a nice weekend.


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