Need help with Airtable formulae

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Column A: Active (Checkbox)

Column B: Expiry Date (Date Field)

Column C: Date Created (Date Field)

Column 😧 Package (Single Select)
Contains two packages 2 Week Subscription, 1 Month Subscription

I would like for:

  1. If the customer has a 2 week subscription enabled then the Expiry Date becomes Date Created + 14 Days
  2. If the customer has 1 month subscription enabled then the expiry date becomes date created + 31 Days
  3. If the customer’s subscription is Expired (After the expiry date) the Active checkbox must be deselected.
  4. If the customer subscription is not expired (Before and on the expiry date) the active checkbox must be deselected.

Can Airtable do this?

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Hi @New_Airtableuser76 and welcome to the community!

U can use automations to do this. U get 100 runs per month in the free version.

Thanks, how would I also prefill multiple fields in a form? I’m trying to prefill Company name & Job Title.

You can read up on prefilling form via this link.

Be careful; those who submit a form can always alter the prefilled data. Be sure to mention that they shouldn’t do this :winking_face:

Haha true, I tried doing it the way the article said but it didn’t work for my form located here: Job Application Form I was trying to fill Company Name & Job Title

Do you need these to be editable fields or can they be replaced with formulas?

If you make {Active} a formula field it would be:

IF(TODAY() > {Expiry Date}, "✅")

If {Expiry Date} is a formula it would be:

   AND({Date Created}, {Package}),
   DATEADD({Date Created}, SWITCH(
      "2 Week Subscription", 14,
      "1 Month Subscription", 31
   ), "days")