Need help with setting up a formula that keeps adding

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I would like to create a formula that adds a certain number per day. For example:

Lets say I have a field that starts with 8000 and I want the field to increment by 44 each day. I dont want to add a new row each day, I simply want the same field to go: 8000 today then 8044 the next day, then 8088 on day 3. Is this possible?

How would I go about this? Is there a simple way to simply add 44 each day? Or do I need to create a 2nd table that has pre-populated dates and numbers that go up by 44 (88, 132, etc) and the first table references the 2nd table somehow?

I’m really terrible with excel/airtable formulas and logic :frowning:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Where {START DATE} is a Date field that contains the date you want to start counting from.

Awesome, totally makes sense! Seems so simple now that I see it.

Thanks for the quick help!

How do I add text to the end of this? So say I’m counting widgets how would I have the formula show 8088 Widgets?

I’ve tried doing it with concatenate but maybe my syntax isnt correct.


(8000+44*DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(),{START DATE},'days'))&' widgets'

Concatenating a number and a text string converts the number to a numeral and appends the text. (The enclosing parentheses aren’t required; I’ve included them here simply to differentiate between the numeric and text portions of the formula.)