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6 - Interface Innovator


I’m stuck on a formula for tracking attendance.

IF({Attended 10/23}<>1,
IF(AND({Attended 10/23}=1, {Attended 12/8}=1), “Yes”,“No”)

I have had 2 classes, and I want to know how many people who came to the first one (on 10/23) also came to the second (on 12/8). If they came to 10/23 but not 12/8, I’d like it to spit out “No” (because I am calling that column “Returned”). However, if they came to just the second meeting, I’d like to fill in “New” because I will ultimately want to filter out those who didn’t attend both sessions when getting my return attendance rate.

This way, I should have:

*Who came to my first class
*Who came to my second class
*Who my new students were in class 2
*Who came to the first and returned for the second

Ideally, I’d like to see % attended across all sessions by student.

Open to other ways of getting these metrics and am grateful for the help!

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At the outset, one idea is to investigate and fall in love with Views that utilize filters and groups (which perform automatic counts and sums).

Yes, I’m using those for some other purposes, but since I will eventually have 10-12 classes to keep track of, I’d love to have a dashboard or something. :confused: You’re right that will get me an immediate answer though! I will set that up in the interim.