Newbie Here: How to setup recurring Actions

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4 - Data Explorer


We are using this for property management. Have a table with each action/task. some are one-time but other occur monthly, quarterly, annually… etc.

I want to add the completion date to the May Landscaping Record [which is quarterly] and have this action automatically create a new record with exactly the same information, only with a new date that is 4 months from now?

Is there a formula or Zapier way to do this? Please excuse me in advance if this thread/topic has already been explored.

Also, if there is no formula solution, what are your best user-driven methods for updating such records without letting them slip through the cracks?

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There are a lot of threads about:

Thanks Elias, but I don’t want the new record to show up in a different table and from my what I can tell, most do it this way… I want to have the new record show up in the same table, just for the next deadline. Is there one specific that clearly discusses this requirement?