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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi! I’m making a database for me to keep track of my train delays and the compensations I need to request, have requested and are approved or declined.

I like to have an overview of the route I took. For this, I have two fields:

  1. Departure train station
  2. Arrival train station

Both have these two options in a single select:

  1. Antwerpen-Centraal
  2. Noorderkempen

Basically I want to only select the departure train station, and the formula should put the other option in the arrival train station. For example if I select “Noorderkempen”, the arrival train station should be set to “Antwerpen centraal”.

How would I achieve that? Thanks in advance!

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The {Arrival Station} field could be a formula field with this formula:

   {Departure train station},
   "Antwerpen-Centraal", "Noorderkempen",
   "Noorderkempen", "Antwerpen-Centraal"