Place a changing number for a column that is sorted from biggest number to lowest.

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I need a formula for the column on the right that writes a number 1 to the first result on the left, a 2 to the second result, etc.

I don't need an autonumber, this is because when the left column changes the numbers, the autonumber stays the same. 

Is there any way?



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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @0100371 


I'd recommend using a script either via the Run a script action or the Scripting extension. There have been some really cool scripts posted by other Community members to do just what you're looking for! Check out these posts:

Script Block: Rank Descending and Update Field 

Ranking Field Calculation Script


Feel free to respond to those posts if you have any questions about getting your script set up!