Prepopulate an attachement into a form?

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I am building a form for the sales people in my organization. The idea is they will not have to actually login to Airtable put will just put all the information into this form and then the admins can keep track and do the work on the back end. Currently I have it worked out that when you select a contact (prospective client) it populates with their name, email and phone number thanks to a nifty formula! We also have an application form that needs to prepopulate as well. This just a pdf attachment we have added to their ‘contact’ file. Does anyone know a work around or way to prepopulate an attachment to a form by linking it to a table? Or a formula to add the attachement to the primary field?
Thank you!

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There’s a trick that you can do with grouping to force Airtable to auto-fill certain fields. However, you can’t group by an attachment field (just tested it), so this workaround won’t work.

The only other option I can think of would involve a integration service like Integromat or Zapier, though I’m not yet familiar enough with either of those to know how complicated the process would be.

Thanks Justin, that’s what I’m finding as well. We might just have to look into some integrations.


10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

Not populating an attachment in a form, but our extension allows you to review the created record right after the form is submitted (including attachments).

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