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4 - Data Explorer

I’m NEW to Airtable (so TY for being patient & detailed)

I have a base with 2 tables in it, Item & Value. I’m trying to collect all of the notes for each items. All of the tables are linked, and I have been able to bring each of the notes into one cell (example: 0, 17, 37). But now I need to multiply those numbers together not sum them. I can’t do a PRODUCT (Values).
Here my setup


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Hello @Florent_Baron! Welcome in!

Out of curiosity, can you provide a bit more context on your base design?

I presume that the Items table holds records of individual items.
However, I’m curious as to what records the Value table holds.

Having more context will allow us to think about the best data schema that makes sense for your use case.
Any other additional information would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for the context!

Gimme some time and I’m going to take a closer look at this data and modeling and get you a write-up and walkthrough on what I’m seeing